SoundCloud: Taking small business to new heights

News 05:07 July 2020:

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Small business owners don’t usually have the means for intensive advertising campaigns. The overhead costs would cut into profits. But there’s some good news. SoundCloud is now expanding their clientele to include small business.

Businesses can now create a basic account and take advantage of the audio feature to upload podcasts to advertise and enhance their business. A podcast is a sure-fire way to attract new customers, especially on a high-traffic site such as SoundCloud. Users who listen to the podcast can become SoundCloud Followers of the business profile and this will help increase exposure. A business can also accrue SoundCloud Likes for individual podcasts, which is good for marketability.

n order to gain new clients, a small business owner should make their podcast both informative and entertaining. There is  no charge for a basic account, which allows one to upload up to three hours of content and there are different levels of service available with more advanced features at affordable rates.

Take advantage of this innovative marketing strategy while it’s on the ground-floor. Head over to SoundCloud and connect with others in the same field.