Deleting Videos Broadcasted To Your Periscope Followers.

News 08:11 November 2019:

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At a particular moment in the course of your engagements on periscope, you may decide to delete some videos from being viewed on your timeline by your periscope followers. You can remove from your recent lists by easily in a matter of seconds. Getting rid of videos is common especially with top brand accounts who are continuously rebranding to existing markets and have an edge over its competitors. In the case of a price review of a product, it is important to delete old ones as you broadcast new ones. If you leave them there, there is likely to be a lot of confusion and misinformation to your customers. Delete them in seconds through this simple procedure.
Launch your periscope app and log into your account. Once the main dashboard screen is displayed, look for the recent lists button. It is divided into two; the people you follow who are live with recent broadcasts and a list of videos transmitted by you. Choose the one with the videos you have broadcasted. Scroll down until you see the video you want to get rid of. Once identified, swipe left on it. On swiping, a delete button appears. Click on it and the video will be removed from the timeline and your periscope followers won’t see it again.