Using Snapchat Views For Live Events.

News 07:07 July 2020:

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Snapchat has provided a platform for companies to broadcast live events to their followers via snapchat views as it is accessible in real-time. Minute by minute happenings can be followed from different parts of the world without necessary being physically present. Launching of a product, conferences and trade shows can be broadcasted effectively using this social media platform. It is easy to get first-hand information of what is happening at the actual event at the comfort of your office or home. What is the point of wasting a lot of time and resources travelling to an event that will be broadcasted live from your snapchat app?

Use of snapchat views is a different approach in the eyes of the consumers or your customers as they feel valued and see transparency in the services you are providing to them. They are made to be part of the company due to the personal touch the business comes with. In the case of launching a product, usually the managing directors, CEO’s or administrators are the only invited which seems to alienate the rest of the population. Such products take long to diffuse into the market as the administrators have to take the initiative again to educate the buyers on the same. Let marketing start at the launching by letting the public know from the word go.